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Pull it on and take it on a bike ride through an imaginary summer. "Yellow Sweater" is the new single of our upcoming album "Twisted Animals". You can download it here for free. Thanks Noel for slow drumming.


Videopremiere "Yellow Sweater" 

Bääääm! Have a drink with us to celebrate our videopremiere! 

This very short-movie was directed by the actor, director, musician and enfant terrible Mario Mentrup, who chased us through the fightclub "Rumblefish" of Marva Kübler, who can be a very dangerous guy sometimes too... We tried to hide in the costumes of Kerstin Cmelka, but this dude with the camera, Volker Sattel, caught us anyway. 

But watch it yourself:


This movie has it all. 

Our love and our music: "Die Hannas" by Julia C. Kaiser. We did a big part of the soundtrack and we even play in it. You can join us for its worldpremiere at the Munich Film Festival in the end of June.




Twisted Animals 

We finally proudly announce: A new Sorry Gilberto Record, called "Twisted Animals" will be out in late September 2016. Via Solaris Empire / Broken Silence. Happy.

Yellow Sweater Tour 2014 

autumn is for everyone. let's meet & greet!

16. Okt. Hasenschaukel Hamburg
17. Okt. Speicher (w/Mine) Husum
19. Okt. Hafen 2 Offenbach 
20. Okt. Hängende Gärten Köln
21. Okt. Café Livres Essen
22. Okt. Kafi für Dich Zürich - Switzerland
23. Okt. WAHU! Bar Zug - Switzerland
24. Okt. Cardinal Schaffhausen - Switzerland
25. Okt. Secret Gig Freiburg (mail to:
27. Okt. Heppel & Ettlich München (w/ Dear Henry Bliss-solo)
28. Okt Houseshow Karlsruhe (mail to:
29. Okt. Goldengrün Duisburg
30. Okt. Brause Düsseldorf
31. Okt. Oberdeck Hannover (for the address mail to:
1.Nov. Secret Gig close to Schwerin (mail to:
2. Nov. Kulturbar Greifswald
4. Nov. Homecomingshow at "Alter roter Löwe rein" (w/Guidebooks) Berlin
8. Nov. Opole Songwriterfestival Opole - Poland