We created a monster....

"Black Leather Jacket" is not your average pop-song with its length of 6:19 minutes. 
But a homage to the feeling of otherness between pride and alienation and to the desire for being part of some kind of subculture needs time to develop. And it also needs a wall of sound that dissolves the ambiguity of those thoughts. 

So close your curtains, put on your black leather jacket and dive into it. 

Here's to guitars and to Velvet Underground! 



Thanks to Robert Kretzschmar for drumming, Florian Sievers for producing and recording, Norman Nitzsche for mixing and Eric Ménard for providing us some parts of his shortmovie "The fall" to use it in the video, edited by Anne von Keller. 

"Black Leather Jacket" is out on all platforms via Solaris Empire / Broken Silence, where you can stream & buy a download.