Psychoactive Ghosts

let’s go backwards through the sand 
let’s walk the shoreline till it ends 
my thoughts go numb 
my empty hands 
let’s go backwards through the sand 
hey gilberto i’m not sorry 
hey gilberto i’m not sorry 
hey gilberto i’m not sorry 
hey gilberto i’m not sorry 
from the floor 
up to the ceiling 
we're used to fill 
the space with feelings 
time went by 
the air got thicker 
you're out of breath 
before you kiss her 
she didn't know 
this place before 
comments on things 
that you adore 
upcoming silence 
makes you shiver 
intimacy just 
makes you miss her 
ah look at these walls 
they stood so brave 
they made it easy 
to feel save 
it was so calm 
you almost couldn't 
hear the wind 
but now you wanna 
feel the storm 
you couldn't stop 
your feet from walking 
the air was soft 
your feet kept walking 
what if there's nothing 
to go back to 
what is it 
that represents you 
people come and people go 
only idiots tell you so 
it was a hot and 
lonesome summer 
it didn't help 
to call it karma 
ah look at this walls... 


i have a bird on my shoulder 
wherever i go 
i have a bird on my shoulder 
wherever i go 
it cheers me up 
when my spirit is low 
there's a dog on my porch 
that acts like a cat 
there's a dog on my porch 
that acts like a cat 
it won't follow orders 
but it sleeps in my bed 
and if you wanna see me 
you have to follow the road 
and then get distracted 
and then you're old 
but all the beauty 
that runs through your eyes 
will make you look weary 
will make you look wise 
there's a place in my heart 
where i never go 
there's a place in my heart 
where i never go 
it’s a dark place 
and i don't know what it shows 
i can make you a coffee 
i can pour you a drink 
and you may sit down 
and tell me what you think 
cause i like to listen 
and i like the words 
they fly all around me 
like insects or birds 
and if you wanna see me... 


i’m living close to easy street   
in a backyard in the shades   
i do my dance i sing my song   
i be my own parade   
when people come to visit me   
and ask me how i am   
i sometimes don’t know what to say   
but I like to be with them   
the air is gold on easy street   
and often is the sound   
it’s even better from a far   
it looses when you’re around   
cause things have changed on easy street   
as you might have heard before   
suvs celebrities   
oh what a bore   
they brought new signs to easy street   
that lead you through the night   
you wanna have the biggest fun   
go for the brightest light   
and you should wear an active smile   
it’s not just letting go   
they worked so hard to make you laugh   
and they get paid so low   
cause things have changed…   
i’m living close to easy street   
and sometimes i forget   
just to walk the other way   
without sadness or regrets   



let’s go to the beach  
with our towels and our books  
let’s go to the beach  
with our glasses and our looks  
let’s go to the beach  
if you don’t like to swim that’s ok  
let’s go to the beach  
the sky is blue hey hey  
seashells everywhere  
seagulls in the air  
a million shades of blue  
here to be watched by you and i  
will loose my sense of time  
this silly me of mine  
dissolves into the sea  
oh diversity  
dissolves into the sea  
here’s to diversity  
let’s go to the beach  
with our faded memories  
let’s go to the beach  
with our songs in minor keys  
let’s go to the beach  
let’s watch the old world in decay  
let’s go to the beach  
we have to find new words to say  
cause there are voices all around  
it’s a thin and ghostlike sound  
seashells everywhere… 


animals in the night   
shiny fur in the moonlight   
little do we know   
their presence’s like a dream   
animals in the night   
do they make love or do they fight   
could have been anything   
unclassified sound and size   
a warm and tender touch   
a grim and sudden roar   
a silence full of life   
what are you waiting for   
animals in the night   
so close so out of sight   
when do they go to sleep   
what places do they choose   
a warm and tender touch…   




neighbours meeting at the corner   
neighbours sitting on a bench   
neighbours talking shit about some other neighbours   
neighbours speaking French   
neighbours helping with the groceries   
neighbours spitting on the street   
neighbours shaking their weary heads all day   
neighbours keeping up the beat   
neighbours watching passing neighbours   
pillow on the windowsill   
neighbours looking for bottles in the garbage   
just to pay their bills   
neighbours bodychecking neighbours   
while staring at their mobile phones   
there’s neighbours that are clearly known for   
having funny bones   
neighbours having sex with neighbours   
at least that’s what it sounds like   
cats are fighting in the backyard   
at least that’s what it sounds like   
what shall we do with all these neighbours   
they’re not friends and they’re not strangers   
we’re all swimming in the same fishbowl   
it warms my heart but weakens my soul   
neighbours are afraid of tourists   
but they might become neighbours too   
soon they’ll glorify the old days   
just like me and you   
and someday when we lose these streets   
to a faceless fund from luxembourg   
when all these houses get deserted   
and we’re just homeless troubadours   
singing songs to those who didn’t   
expect that they might fall so fast   
when empathy and coexistence   
are mystic concepts of the past   
oh the city still seems prosperous   
from a helicopter from a star   
but there’s nothing you can do for real   
let’s send in an avatar   
what shall we do…   




psychoactive ghosts    
ideas we love most    
places which might link    
to thoughts we like to think    
we are and we will be    
secret society    
we turn these random signs    
into rhythms into rhymes    
i woke up from a dream    
someone dreamed of me    
i guess he woke up too    
and now we dream of you    
the sun is going down    
from our point of view    
cities gleam in gold    
and every word seems true    
although we know that yet somehow    
the things we say might not describe    
the things we see    
exactly exactly exactly    
psychoactive ghosts    
pretty part-time hosts    
of atmospheric guests    
button-less friend requests    
we’re not so well defined    
constantly out of mind    
and when we get undressed    
it’s like what a mess    
although we know…   

black leather jacket  
hot sunny day  
streets are all empty  
nothing to say  
dead cars in silence  
all stores shut down  
things you can look at  
by walking around  
nightmares and daydreams  
gave birth to a child  
of boredom gone heavy  
and tvs gone wild  
it’s calm and it’s quiet  
it’s almost too much  
a force is awakening  
like in movies and such  
black leather jacket  
curtains kept close  
every step says  
i’m not one of those  
blue sky’s the limit  
but where does it start  
black leather jacket  
straight from the heart  
I don`t like to wait around  
for just one word  
for a special word that counts  
too much attention makes things weird  
they disconnect  
the meaning disappears  
sometimes it’s better to walk by  
and take what's coming  
with a glimpse of an eye  
the world's not the most stable place  
the slightest shadow seems to change  
the expression on your face  
but when we talk  
how come that each of us  
is having monologues  
but to be fair  
on a good day we  
might transform the air  
my expectations aren’t high  
i need a place to sit  
i need an open sky  
i need some streets to walk around  
and a song to sing  
that could be about  
almost anything  
i like to sing  
about almost anything

Twisted Animals


Dear grey sky
They say you only cover the blue sky
But they are idiots you know

It's an ordinary monday afternoon
And unfortunately
I stopped smoking

Dear grey sky
I like to watch you
Then i do other things
And you're still there

And if someone says
This town is beautiful
Under a grey sky
Then it is

Dear grey sky
You never push it
I might go for a walk
Or maybe not

It's getting dark now
The world is all we have
I never said that
In a song


When you went into the woods
Why did you do it
With your worn out navy boots
I thought you would blew it

It‘s so easy to pretend
That trees are like people
In the end

When you went into the woods
I stayed in the city
Though the weather was nice
I started to feel shitty

It‘s so easy to pretend
That animals will friend you
In the end
And I have to admit
It would be cool if they did

When you went into the woods
You wrote “back to the roots”
On your shirt
When you went into the woods
You wore a hat that made you look like a bird

And I couldn’t decide
Should I laugh
Or should I cry

When you went int the woods
I went to see a doctor
His name was Dr. Schulz
And he was from Vienna
He said that my subconscious
Was to conscious to be true
And I said that I lost
All my unconsciousness to you
When you went into the woods


When he came home from work
He didn’t know what to do
So he put his hands on the table
The way he had learned it at school

But nobody had a question
And nobody let it ring
So he finally jumped on the table
And he finally started to sing

I am not happy
I’m tired and I hate my job
It makes me sad to look out of the window
It’s a mess and I want it to stop

It was a lovely summer evening
And everybody took his chance
There was kissing and talking
Laughing and walking
There was listening to eurodance

So he went through his closet
There wasn’t much to go through
But he found a tight orange t-shirt
And he found some shiny white shoes

He felt ready to make it happen
And the mirror said that he was
He even discovered his old hat
The one with the shimmering stars

And then he hit the street
And he became part of the crowd
The summer-breeze blew a smile in his face
And the music was playing loud

And this is where we lost him
Cause we had to lose him somewhere
So we raised our glass to his story
And we made a high-five in the air

Cause he was not happy
He was tired and he hated his job
It made him said to look out of the window
It was a mess and it had to stop


Her name was distant water
His name was sunny street
They lost their hearts in Venice
Cause Venice is hard to beat

They looked at dying castles
Fead old bread to the birds
And every time they turned to each other
They were running out of words

Old bread to the birds
Old bread to the birds

Sounds like another story
A story from ancient times
Where people did watching and walking
Where people talked in rhymes

Her name was distant water
His name was sunny street
They lost their hearts in Venice
Cause Venice  is hard to beat

Hard to beat
Hard to beat

The city slowly drifts back into water
Sunlight is burning holes into our eyes
We strawl around like twisted animals
In disguise


I wrote a song for you
With lyrics and chords
About stuff like
How much i adore you

I pictured myself
Sitting in your room
And i saw you watching me
Playing it for you

It goes like
Lalala i adore you
It goes like
Nanana this song is for you

I tried to call you
The other day
But i couldn't reach you
And i felt alone

I took a walk
Through your neighbourhood
And i wrote a song
On my way back home

It goes like
Lalala this song is not for you
But it's better than the other one
That says i adore you

I adore you
I adore you
I adore you


I guess he was
A nicer person
In an early demo version
Of this song

I guess he was
A nicer person
In an early demo version
Of this song

It‘s so sad
That he turned back
And none of us
Could do a thing

That‘s how it started
No happy heart
Not broken hearted
You see his face
Soon to forget it
You talk to him
Soon to regret it

There‘s no doubt
He sucks you out
And none of us
Could do a thing

He fades away now
While we sing


I never find no history
No history in my mind
Feelings pass and pictures last
Landscapes from behind

I never see no destiny
Climbing up that hill
While I whistle two-tone-melodies
On my window sill

And oh oh no
They tore me out
And said let‘s go
I’m made of sludge

I never build no building
That someone might call stunning
I have no disciples waiting
For my second coming

People seem to look at me
As if I’m always there
I like to smile at strangers
And I have dark-brown hair

And oh oh no
They tore me out
And said let‘s go
I’m made of sludge

And I am made of water
I am made of sand
And I am made of something
That allows me to pretend

And oh oh no….


Construction Work & Stormy Weather

It was the longest day and we didn't know how to end it

Memory Oh